Yachting destinations – Experience the serene island of Skopelos

The tranquility of Greece


Belonging to the chain of Northern Sporades islands, Skopelos is a latest discovery in the sphere of yachting destinations. Greece holds the prized possession of this far-flung and quaint island setting which is an unadulterated habitation of lush green flora complimented by blue skies and unblemished waters.

Recently declared as the “Best secret island on earth” by Travel + Leisure magazine, the island of Skopelos welcomes its yachting visitors with an ambience of serenity and tranquility.

The route –

A yacht setting sail from Athens needs to cruise north tra

versing the western Aegean Sea to touch the shores of Skopelos. Athens provides a myriad of charters for each of these yachting destinations. This island with an indented coastline possesses two ports– Skopelos and Glossa for yachts to dock.

While the former is the prime towyachting destinationsn on the eastern terrain, Glossa is more of an assemblage of some colorful houses and cobble stoned streets that house around 1,500 inhabitants.

The place –

Nicknamed as the “Emerald of the Aegean” it is famous for its heritage wine. Experts say, it is the largest island in the archipelago but still beholds the slipshod Greek atmosphere. A diminutive white church adorns the northern point of this island that stances on an inclined rock.

People on board a yacht charter can bathe in this temperate warmth from the deck of theirluxurious vessels. The afternoons are precisely serene owing to the strong northern breezethat lash the waves ashore.

Numerous white houses with oriel windows and beautifully colored terraces ornaments the streets of Skopelos. Souvenir shops, taverns, bars and restaurants provide bounteous scopes for merry making. One opting for a Greece yacht charter can even expend some time on the beaches of Velona, Stafilos or Agios Ioannis that provides a breath taking evening view with the Skopelos Mountains at its backdrop.

Parting words –

Although a remote place, the island in Skopelos is gaining prominence as one of the major tourist attractions. Whether you sail to Skiathos or south toward Alonissos, Skopelos will surely find its way in your list of Greece yachting destinations.


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