3 must-follow yacht maintenance tips for ensuring your sailing safety

Yacht maintenance – key to a soulful experience


A yacht gives you that feeling of luxury in all those harsh oceanic conditions. A press of a button or the steering of a single wheel activates a series of valves and pistons to maneuver this huge machine. Thus, yacht maintenance is imperative, simply because you cannot pull over to the side or hitchhike in the middle of the sea.
So, before you get on board and start its engines or hit the dock after a soothing sail, you must keep a check on a few things. Here are 3 tips to keep you away from any sort of hiccups while you are out in the ocean.

1.    Check engine for algae accumulation

yacht maintenanceAlgae need hydrogen and carbon combined with moisture to grow and affect the turbines and pipelines. The first two comes from incomplete combustion of your yacht’s fuel while the later happens due to condensation.
Your yacht maintenance and services must include this. You may consider using Biocide – a fuel additive that kills algae or keeps the fuel tank nearly full every time you sail out. Also, keep a constant check on the primary fuel filter.

2.    Turn on and off the yacht’s valves

yacht maintenanceA number of valves operate under water in your yacht. Turn off the valves every time you get off and turn it on when you sail out. This is considered as a good yacht maintenance practice mainly due to two reasons.
First, valves design demands frequent operation. So, periodic turning on and off increases longevity. Second, it also switches off the bilge pump and the on-board batteries do not drain out unnecessarily.

3.    Pre-Departure routine checks

yacht maintenanceThis comes under regular yacht maintenance and services. Do this so that you do run into any trouble while you are deep into the sea. Check for engine fluid levels, battery water level, stow loose parts, freshwater levels and so on.
Also, check the functioning of VHF radio and navigation lights. Boat hook, halyards and anchor also need a quick watch.

And with a small weather check, you are all good to go. Apart from these regular ones, teak maintenance and stainless steel polish come under half-yearly yacht maintenance. You must keep every part in proper shape to turn your sailing into an experience. Keep these in mind and almost any yacht will stay fit for a long time.

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