Yacht designer finalists of the year pay a visit to the Oceanco yachts

A memorable experience


Earlier this week, eight of the nine finalists from “Young Designer of the Year Award, 2017”; set foot in Netherlands and were able to treat themeselves to an exquisite welcome by Oceanco yards. The visit will acquaint these finalists with behind-the-scenes of the main event. Running in its tenth year; this award operates in collaboration with Oceanco yachts and aims to recognize the best yacht designer of the season.  Eric Laurent and Thibaud Le Merdy are two popular names who emerged victorious in their respective genres.

Intricacies of the visit – 

April 25 marked the beginning of this tour with a night out; as well as dinner in the extravagant city of Amsterdam. The following day; these finalists got a golden opportunity to impress naval architects and designers of Oceanco yachts with their capabilities.

This presentation chose Timothy Baldacci’s design (Ardea Alba) over others and considered for further development. On the other hand fellow participants like Ricardo Pilguj, Harun Kemali, Alexander Fogg, and Casper Marelis;yacht designer received words of recognition from the chairperson of Oceanco.

A visit to a top-secret design followed this assemblage which allowed these finalists to soak in this process of turning a yacht designing magnificence into reality.

Excerpts –

Ocean’s Iris Bosschaart in his column says; “We feel delighted to witness such amazing talents breed their expertise with our professional designers at Oceanco. At the same time this will provide them with some valuable real life insights; as well as help them with their future yacht designing approaches.”

Workshops of interest –

These eight finalists had the privilege of attending an exclusive yacht designer seminar; Esthec and Bolidt of Oceanco yachts as the hosts of the evening. The emphasis of this workshop was to give these young talents a taste of professional designing procedures and approaches.

This three-day tour saw its termination with a marine voyage around Amsterdam and an exhilarating dinner to celebrate Kingsday on the 27th of April.

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