Yacht Builder Palmer Johnson to come up with a matching vessel for your Bugatti Chiron

The fastest yacht till date


Bugatti is known for its hyper cars, extreme speeds and cutting edge technology. Well, this time they intend to conquer the seas with their new and unique project – the Bugatti Niniette. To turn this concept into a reality, Bugatti has joined hands with the iconic yacht builder Palmer Johnson yachts.

The origin – 

No sooner a few months had passed after the Chiron’s release when Bugatti decided to embellish on innovative concept. Making its way to be the fastest cruising vehicle in the globe, it will touch speeds of 44 knots and may be more.

In the words of the company’s CEO,” The upcoming super yacht from Bugatti will initiate a revolution in the world of shipbuilding. We will redefine cruising in the most impeccable and stylish way.”

Engine talks –

As per latest news, this yacht builder at Palmer Johnson has planned to introduce 2 MTU powerhouses that will generate an astounding 3,000 HP of cruising power. A uniquely upgraded anchor stabilizer will make its way to the hull in order to provide stability against lashing waves.yacht builder

Design Specs –

Both the exterior and interior of this ultra-luxurious upcoming super yacht will lay credit to the Palmer Johnson designers. The interiors will get 3 cabins capable of housing a total of 7 people. Although compact, it will comprise a Jacuzzi and a champagne bar.yacht builder

From the outside, Niniette looks appealing due to its carbon fibre body frame. It is fully glass enclosed owing to some velocities. A fascinating piece of artifact, those ergonomically sharp edges are well thought out to provide maximum aerodynamics.

Concluding facts –

Bugatti confirms to produce only 66 of these high velocity cruisers. Expect this unique vessel to hit waters by mid-march of 2018. However, to lay hands on this creation of one of the finest yacht builder, one shall need to spare around $10,000,000. So, get ready to set sail with the world’s fastest super yacht.

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