WCC Ocean cruising seminar brings possibilities of yacht insurance

New announcements for sailors


Admiral Yachts, organizers of the ‘Atlantic Rally for Cruisers’ saw their participation in WCC’s Ocean Cruising Seminar. This seminar brought forward some new prospects regarding yacht insurance. The new insurance policies now lay more stress on escalating qualities of sailing experience as well as craft values. Applicants shall now receive greater coverage on their precious vessels.

Intricacies of this seminar

Admiral Yachts were the first to accept these new insura

yacht insurance

nce policies as an approach to provide better accidental coverage to its vessels. As a primary benefit, it will now offer £3,000,000 of third party liability coverage in all yacht contracts. With this scheme, if your yacht causes unprecedented damage to anybody’s property, then this insurance policy will cover the expenses of this damage.

Here are the new inclusions of this seminar:

No claim bonus

The no claim bonus as explained by an official at the seminar refers to year-to-year covera

ge of a vessel. Owners can apply for this scheme at any point in time, but not more than two claims a year.

Personal coverage

For sailors who like to take their yacht and vessels on to rough seas and transoceanic voyages, personal damage coverage will seek their fortunes. It covers emergency treatment as well as medical expenses.

Machinery fails

This new yacht policy claims to cover any mechanical damage such as propellers or motor that may take place on your yacht. However, it also layyacht insurances the condition that any damage due to underwater corrosion shall not be entertained under this scheme.

Legal expenses

Conflict with a third party can bring upon you unknown charges. In the case of such liabilities, sailors shall have total coverage against such incidents.

This seminar concluded proceedings by thanking its participants and yacht owners. Every yacht insurance policy under this scheme is sure to bring a lot of benefits to its applicants.



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