Volvo Ocean Race| Alicante to host one of the finest yacht events

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The fourth quarter of 2017 will witness the return of Volvo Ocean Race – one of the most awaited and premium yacht events. Instigating its journey from the sea port of Alicante in Spain, it will fire its buzzers on the 11th of October. For its fourth time, Alicante will receive this privilege of hosting this grand event and will bring in the best of yachts, designers and owners from around the globe.


Absorbing the details –

Volvo Ocean Race is the largest professional racing event in the world. Visitors can expect to see an assemblage of all latest super yachts at this city of half a million residents. It will comprise three segments of events as per the official sources. A greater insight into them to garner more details:


  • Village Opening:

This will mark the opening ceremony of Volvo Ocean Race. The evening will welcome all major vessels of the globe; paying witness to the prime host of this year – the Volvo Ocean 65. One shall treat himself to some exquisite wine in one hand as well as a steak of local delicacies in the other.

  • In-Port Race:

In-Port Races are one of the major attractions in any of the yacht events. Officials of Alicante say, these will be compact races held close to the bank and allow every vessel to gain a head start before the legs.

  • Leg Race:

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    Marking the main event, Leg Start will instigate on the 22nd of October. This year Volvo Ocean Race had decided to incorporate 11 legs in this event. It will begin from Lisbon(Portugal) and terminate at The Hague (Netherlands); meandering through Cape Town, Melbourne, Hong Kong as well as Auckland and many others on the way. It will include the finest and latest super yachts in participation.

For the visitors –

Alicante being a relatively small place, experts advise to book your rooms at the earliest. An official of Volvo lays the quote, “If you are quick enough; you can even catch up with a few crew members in their preparation as well as for the action.” So, gear up and book your tickets to one of the biggest yacht events of the world.

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