Upgraded Catamaran Yacht Charters Making Ustica a “Divers’ Paradise”!

An ideal marine spot


In a recent turn of events, Ustica, situated off the northern shores of the Sicilian mainland and popular as a snorkelling hotspot is witnessing significant rise in tourist counts due to upgraded Catamaran services. Presently, they are showing an increased inclination to hire luxury yachts in Ustica in order to reach the diving hotspots.

It all started when the Sicilian government recognized the importance of this island as a diver’s paradise. In addition, negligence of the local individuals in forms of economical contribution towards this region rang the alarm bell among officials. Therefore, attracting more tourists was their only option to increase the popularity of Ustican coasts.Catamarans in Ustica

Actions leading to the reconciliation

Presently, a horde of Catamaran services are seen looming in these Ustican shores. These include both bareboat and motorboat iterations. Chartering agents have brought about significant increase in the numbers of Catamarans in Ustica. Reliable sources report of multiple yachting services initiating from the Sicilian mainland providing overnight as well as one day tours to this Mediterranean magnificence.

Amenities at disposal

These catamaran charter providers are also presenting diving and snorkelling gears on board to allow tourists an easy dive into the water. These kinds of augmentations have been successful in drawing more vacationers to the marine parks of Ustica.

Catamrans in Ustica, therefore, are enticing sailors to make a voyage to its coast and discover the vast treasures of marine life underwater. Once they discover the rich marine life underwater, Ustican diving organisations will never have to look back for business.

Future prospects

At present, the government of the region is thinking of extending this catamaran chartering service to the nearby landmasses as well. Truth be spoken, they want to ensure that this effort of recovering the economic condition of the area does not go into vain.

However, despite all such efforts, only time will tell how the place shapes up as a fruitful yachting destination.

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