The World Superyacht Awards provided a treat to the banks of Arno

An event to savor


On May 13 of this month, Palazzo Vecchio in Florence witnessed the World Superyacht awards. These awards recognize the impeccable contribution of iconic designers, builders and owners for their undeniable contribution to the world of luxurious yachting. On this day, Florence laid host to an assemblage of some elite industry leaders whose presence identified some of the most exquisite vessels launched in the previous financial year.

The event – superyacht awards

In a fight for the “Coveted Neptune” trophy, a fleet of superyachts took participation in the awards. Nomination fee was around $210 and the ultimate registration date closed itself on 30th November, 2016. A total of 60 nominations from 14 countries turned up for the evening. Latest superyachts including catamarans, sailboats as well as motor boats made their appearance on the podium.

The event took place for a couple of days and was no less than a treat for yacht enthusiasts. The banks of Arno River were decorated with the brightest of colors. Immaculate Italian delicacies along with the finest traditional folklore made their way to Palazzo Vecchio as well.

Winners –superyacht awards

The most prominent mention of the World Superyacht awards goes to Glaze – a 49m yacht built by the Trinity group. It is currently on a world tour and was a recipient of this award due to its daring manipulation through the indented Australian coastline.

Other notable mention of latest superyachts includes:

  • Lurssen yacht’s Dilbar measuring 156m in length. Its exterior designing is the credit of Espen Oino while Winch design holds recognition for interior decors.
  • 74m PLVSVLTRA of Amels is another popular name in latest superyachts holding designing credits to Tim Heywood.
  • Another designing magnificence from Espen Oino by the name of Cloudbreak of Abeking & Rasmussen

To conclude –

The couple of days at Florence saw one of the finest yacht events of the globe. In the words of Alex, a visitor, “The world superyacht awards of this grandeur were totally a delight for the citizens of Florence. Thank you for choosing our city.”

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