The Cuban Archipelago | A heavenly bliss as a yachting destination

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The Greater Antilles known for its palm tree laden white sands; windy sea shores and breathtaking blue sky has always been a point of inter est and a buzzing yachting destination. And when you consider sailing to the eastern most section of this extravagant archipelago, then Cuba is the place you are ought to reach. Embellishing a precise blend of artistic cult and rich history, the island of Cuba sits 90 miles West of Florida.

Knowing the place

With substantial government support and aid, the archipelago of Cuba is a place to anchor by. It boasts of more than 20 nautical centers as well as marinas; which welcome sailors from around the world with open arms.

An exotic white coast receiving complementation from azure blue waters sits ripe and ready for exploration. You can hop off for a short exploration thyachting destinationrough the treacherous rain forests or sit on the deck of your yacht charter and soak in the temperate sun.

Trinidad and Havana

The port town of Trinidad should mark the beginning of your Cuban voyage. Incorporating rich legacy, it adorns beautiful cobblestone paths and multi-shaded houses that bear similar artistic touches from the 1940’s.

Do ticker your digestive juices with Lucius sardines and prawns in one hand and a bottle of beer in the other. Post darkness; soak in Trinidad’s neon-lit beaches that offer a multitude of shopping possibilities for tourists of yacht charters in Cuba.

Follow up Trinidad with the capital city of Havana. A perfect place of snorkeling, Havana is a place meant for whale watching. Anchor your boat along its indented coastline and see the sun disappear slowly beneath the horizon.

Season to visit

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Accordingly, Explorers can set their foot in this section of the Greater Antilles both in the wet as well as dry season. Temperatures hover between 25 and 28 degrees, and one can expect to have short bursts


of rainfall periodically. So, book your vessel today and sail offshore to explore this yachting destination of utmost natural bliss.

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