Ensure a safe voyage through systematic and periodic yacht maintenance

Your safety in your hands


It is always tempting to take your yacht out for a spin on the tranquil waters of the Caribbean. Or cruise your vessel through the lashing waves of the east Mediterranean. Whichever location may you choose for adventuring, the dusk will always call you to have a look at your loving vessel. In other words, yacht maintenance is inevitable.

Maintenance may include Fuel tanks, painting Fibre glass, batteries or even deck leaks. Irrespective of the cause, any mishap needs to be amended to give his vessel a longer lifespan. Mentioned below is some yachting equipment of a boat that require periodic surveillance.

  1.  Bilge Pumps – 

Although boring to discuss, these are your life saving thrusters that propel excess water out of your vessel. A faulty bilge pump in a stormy night can prove to be the last of your boat as well as you. After every sail, it is crucial to check the hydro-specs. Often mud, vegetation or sediments can accumulate in the thrusters defeating their purpose.

The numbers of bilge pumps varyacht maintenancey depending on a yacht’s length. However, a minimum of 4 pumps is standard on any yacht.

  1. Battery problems –

An issue mostly faced by most mid-sized yacht owner is low quality or incapability of this yachting equipment. One of the trivial drawbacks here is the quality and size of lead plates that generate the current. These thin plates not only decay rapidly but also pose a risk to fall off from the primary connection. Experts say that one should check batteries every 3 months to ensure safety onboard.

  1. Leaking decks –yacht maintenance

Balsa, foam and plywood form the primary base for the decks of most yachts. With time and due to corrosion from sea water, often these materials lose their girth. So, your yacht maintenance should include providing complete waterproof coating to the floor, substitute any damaged plywood or balsa and repaint to provide water resistance.

Concluding –

In addition to the above three junctures, a plethora of other amenities needs regular check such as window leaks and damaged hulls. A conglomerate of all these will complete your yacht maintenance and ensure a safe voyage over the rough seas.

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