SEXY FISH’- Tansu’s newest Mothership line of Seductive Superyachts

Tansu Yachts’ new-gen Mothership line of Superyachts…!


The latest Mothership line of Tansu Yachts’ is finally out and it appears simplistic and extremely functional. Superyacht tipsters are calling it Sexy Fish and in their view-points- ‘it aptly follows the knowledge which Riza Tansu got while designing Nomade and Ceylan.’  As per its yacht design images, this new gen shallow water vessel hosting military styling sets apart from the pack. And just seems tailor-made for new superyacht owners.         

With an appealing name and mind-boggling appearance interior and exterior wise, Sexy Fish surely promises superb quality and memorable voyages!

SEXY FISH presents an impressive amount of deck space:

Riza Tansu employed every square meter of space available to offer travellers an impressive deck surface. There is also a foredeck which incorporates a personal basking region.

The most impressive thingyacht design about this sub 300GT yacht has a minimalistic designing and there is very scarce interruption between the bowline and the upper deck.

The upper deck also consists of a wonderful bar expanse completely safe from all elements. And seems absolutely perfect for some evening cocktail enjoyment with view of the tranquil sundown!

As per superyacht design, it also hosts an adaptable canopy perfect for star gazers and a U-shape lounge upon its aft deck to chill out with family and friends.

Its technical front:

‘SEXY FISH’ also promises stupendous handling and a solace-ful riding experience to travellers. Its naval architecture, Dutch design and aluminum and steel platform also makes it impeccable on the technical front.

As per its yacht design blueprint, this marvelous vessel incorporates new-gen electronic hydraulics. And that accounts for a quite low deck environ, perfect for those who rest in this portion of this superyacht.

In Tansu’s own words- ‘Fuel capacity is about 6,000 litres and AC has Fresh Air Make Up upgrades. Plus Noxudol insulations are present in its engine room.’

It’s designing:

SEXY FISH design embodies the distinctive style language with beach house like residing spaces and a utilitarian peripheral. Its superyacht design also indicates a central stairway with access to all 3 deck arenas along with a separate stairway.yacht design

In the interior, there is a wonderful combination of glossy white and oak wood walls. B&B Italia sofa sets, driftwood coffee tables and solid wooden floors also account for its in-cab embellishments.

Its aft end is a specimen of glamour. It’s under steps light up right from its stern platform. And the same kind of illumination replicates upon its foredeck particularly the stairways down the bridge level.

Its wheelhouse:

yacht design

As per superyacht design, its wheelhouse will consist of a 15-19 E inch G series Raymarine touch display. From fresh keypads and state of the art communication and navigation tools, this baby has it all!

The yacht design of SEXY FISH is one mature project. It clearly depicts Tansu’s vision. With the kind of allure it beholds, travellers are sure to spend most of their time pondering over this seductively panache cruiser.

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