RAZAN- Turquoise’s latest superyacht brings forth contemporary exterior and interior designing

A revelation in the world of SUPERYACHTS…!


Ground breaking superyacht designs keep churning out from time and time. And this time around it was turn of RAZAN, the latest unveiling from the Turquoise dockyard.  Being the first launch since 2015, RAZAN is simply a revelation and a lesson to the art of reinvention. As per latest superyacht news, this new-gen vessel owes its designing to H2.

In Ozlem Yurdakul’s (Turquoise project manager) words-

‘Working with H2 has been extremely pleasurable. The relationship goes back to 2006 and with years gone by the relationship has slicken and finessed considerably…’

Exclusivity of this magnificent vessel:

RANZAN is the perfect demonstration of what proficient dockyards can attain with a small package.  latest superyacht newsIt consists of roomy deck expanses, a massive superyacht beach club , 5 luxe cabins each comprising of Pullman berths.

As per yacht design blueprints, this vessel has a draught measuring only 2.6 meters. And its mile range measuring is 4,200 nautical miles. This aids this superyacht to explore wider spaces and also nudge into small anchorages easily.

Immaculate designing:

Tipsters on seeing its images feel that because of lesser bulkheads, guests will find ample opportunity to explore newer layouts. This new-gen vessel incorporates cantilever sundecks which exude a floating experience.

Window dimensions also increase to give access to further destinations. Asper latest superyacht news, indicate an extension to the swim pool area and revise foredeck arrangements. This is done keeping in focus more siting area for guests.

Some tipsters really like the concept of a beach club attaching to the swimming area. ‘This seems like an interesting concept, and it will surely present guests adequate spaces for enjoying littoral activities. The beach club also incorporates Samsung Ultra HD screen with a 4K display.

latest superyacht news

Focal to RAZAN’s plan is an appealing spiral stairway incorporating ivory Turkish marbles. FOGLIZZO’s puffy gain leather come as standard in banisters. Some clever illuminations are also present, and each of them is sure to raise eyebrows.

As per its yacht design blueprint, its primary deck consists of a luxurious saloon and dine arena which consists of glinting steel interspersing with contradictory dark and pale wood.

Owner’s cabin will come with come with Armani/Casa wall coating and its bulkheads will incorporate a blend of Tanganyika Tabu veneer with white pelt and stainless steel strips.

To cap it off-

latest superyacht news

To sum up, RAZAN is simply a specimen to marvel! As per latest superyacht news, this vessel presents a highly functional layout. And it consists of spaces usually seen in large yachts.

RANZAN hosts a completely new identity. It still needs some hot touches to be done particularly on its top deck and bride.’ – Design director James Bermudez.

‘This sexy superyacht will embark the return of Turquoise yachts, and she will definitely make a big impact.’ – Mehmet Karabeyoglu, CEO.



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