Project Antares – a new prospect in the world of latest super yacht

A new outlook


Project Antares of the iconic Hessen Yachts is slowly taking form in Netherlands and is due for delivery by the third quarter of 2018. Laying its external designing credits to the legendary Omega Architects, it is looking forward to bringing a new styling as per latest super yacht  is concerned. The first images of this vessel have hit the internet and are likely to create a lot of buzz among enthusiasts.

A designing walk through

Naval architecture Van Oossanen is the master man behind Antares as well as includes an aluminium frame gaining support from a steel hull. The first look of this yacht instils a sporty image in the viewer’s mind.

latestsuper yacht, yacht designIt boasts of a completely white exterior theme that includes three decks on its anterior section.

This yacht design borrows elements from its predecessors which come with a sky lounge and lobby. While the lobby provides ample sitting arrangement for its travelers; the sky lounge is a perfect area to soak in the temperate sun.

A steep slant towards its posterior escalates the aerodynamic posture of this yacht, and accordingly, that will help it guide through rough and hostile seas.latestsuper yacht, yacht design

Impressive interiors

Accommodation capacity of this latest superyacht has not seen any official confirmation yet; experts claim it to be around 10 to 12 people at the maximum. As per the project manager of Heesen Yachts; “We are looking to implement a space effective designing perspective into this vessel. At the same time, it will include every latest amenity from a private Jacuzzi to a bar area.”

As of now, wooden aesthetics shall take a dominant role in interior decors; while extensive use of glass is already visible in this yacht’s design.

Release factors 

Heesen Yachts is currently working on “Home”, a popular project along with several others. Release date confirmation of this latest super yacht will take place only after total completion of these projects.

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