Portorosa Yacht Charters Confirm 2014 Bavaria 51’s Availability This Season!

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As per confirmation sent by Portorosa yacht charters, the 2014 built sailboat, Bavaria 51 will anchor its base at the Portorosa coast this season, in north eastern Sicily. This German designed ship has exclusively arrested tourists’ attention since its first sail in the Mediterranean. The smart, compact design that also makes room for luxury and extravagance, provides the skipper a delightful experience as well. Its availability on the Portorosa coast this season is expected to raise tourist footfall by hundreds.

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Having a closer look at its interior

Portorosa yacht charters

The interior space of this 51 feet sailboat hosts a huge lounge area and 3 cabins. Keeping in mind the privacy, there is a separate desk where tourists can choose to work on their official or private business matters. This additional feature qualifies Bavaria Cruiser 51 as a favourite for corporate trips.

The lounge area is wholly furnished with upholstery comfort with relaxed edges, making it perfect for family gatherings or office parties, while enjoying a panoramic ocean view. Past records of luxury boat rentals in Portorosa claim that the compact design of Bavaria 51 makes it a top preference for smaller but close groups.

Vacation itinerary

Holding its base at Portorosa this season, the Bavaria Cruiser 51 has prioritised few travel destinations. Among them, the Aeolian Islands top the vacation itinerary list. Lying at close distance from the Portorosa coast, they make for the most convenient spots.

Even though a sail boat, this luxury cruising vessel has been manoeuvred to cover large distances at the shortest time. Portorosa yacht charters have opened their booking procedures and recommend enthusiasts to make their call at the earliest.

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