Paschalis Patsiokas steps in as the new CEO of BWA Yachting

BWA Yachting gets new leader


BWA Yachting, the leading yacht service providers, has announced their new CEO recently. Paschalis Patsiokas has replaced Stefano Tositti, as decided by the board of directors of the agency, to serve as a provisional chief executive officer.

BWA Yachting

“We have estimated enormous growth opportunities to exist, on which this agency can capitalize. We intend to keep this company moving towards innovation and robust growth with our corporate and local teams,” said Makis Pavlatos, chairman of the board.

He also thanked the outgoing CEO Stefano, a committed and experienced professional himself, for his tremendous service to the agency. This change came as a result of the leadership reorganization that happened very recently.

BWA Yachting is a global agency with different local offices. They provide extensive management services to all superyacht owners across the globe. They have offices in various destinations to offer seamless experience on the waters.

Paschalis Patsiokas previously served as the Executive Vice President of this global yachting service provider. His extensive knowledge and experience of working in different designations in this same organization have made him the ideal candidate.

As per superyacht news, Patsiokas, in fact, has been associated with this yachting agency for 12 years now.

While the Mediterranean is awaiting the summer season to set in, this new CEO is all geared to take up his responsibilities during this busy period. He is aware of the demand of his designation. Patsiokas has already brought local team of the agency to plan the trips of the organization.

BWA Yachting

According to a source, “They are planning their organizational strategy and trips from places around the ecstatic Mediterranean to Caribbean islands and also the Americas.”

After appointment, Paschalis Patsiokas also thanked the board for this responsibility. He thanked for giving him this opportunity to bring industry leading changes. This man is proving to suit well for this new job role in BWA Yachting.

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