New Year’s Yacht Event in Lipari to Host a Fleet of Luxurious Vessels This Season


As per recent sources, the coastal shores of Lipari are gearing up for their annual yacht event to be held on the New Year’s Eve. As a result, chartering agents are expecting a significant rise in the demand of vessels owing to this potential development. Even the metropolitan officials of Lipari are planning on coastal constructions to accommodate an increasing number of vessels to this yacht event in Lipari.

The main event:

This event will initiate on the 25th of December, 2017 and terminate on the 1st of January, 2018. It will send an invite to the finest collection of yachts from around the globe to take part in this glamorous yacht event.  The place will also accommodate music concerts and cuisine expos which are sure to add to the delight of visitors.

Types of vessels in Lipari:

From catamarans to sailboats every kind of vessel will dock the harbors of Lipari on the New Year’s eve. However, what will catch the attention of tourists are the super yachts approaching these shores.

Some of the prominent ones will be,

  • Red Dragon, a 52m super yacht built by Dubois Naval Architects.
  • Baracuda Valleta from the house of Perini Navi.
  • All-famous sailing yacht Moonbird.
  • Superyahct Kokomo constructed by Alloy yachts.

Experts say; the above vessels are sure to attract a horde of yacht charters to Lipari on this New Year’s Eve.

For the visitors:

Considering the rush that will hit this yacht event in Lipari, it is advisable to book a charter at the earliest. Be it catamarans or sailboats, adequate vessels are available from the Italian mainland to the Liparian shores.

However, prices of chartering shall fluctuate depending on the demand as well as time of booking. So, one should arrive at the earliest as docking space will also be available on a first com first serve basis.

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