Experience the exotic Mediterranean ecstasy with a yacht charter

Beauty of the Italian coastline


Historic, Passionate, and Colorful – three words that perfectly describe the ecstasy of the Italian Coast. A land of passion and romance, this Mediterranean coastline boasts of its cultural and picturesque exquisiteness. One can go yachting along the Emerald Coast of Sardinia which enthralls the volcanic Aeolian Islands rising at an angular contrast to the less subdued temperate beaches. Therefore, opting for a yacht charter in this section of the Mediterranean will evidently make your vacation a memorable experience.

Keeping this in mind, you must take a tour of the 3 most extravagant yachting destinations in the Mediterranean.Port of Naples

  1. Naples:

The city of Naples is cluttered yet beautiful, chaotic yet charming. Complimented by its alluring hospitality, this sun-seeking, vibrant coastline is a hub of more than one Amalfi and Italian Charters. Coupled with it is the Isle of Capri, it completes the charm of yachting along this beautiful charting destination.

  1. Portofino:

If you are interested in a tiny town paved by cobble stone streets, covered by ancient olive groves and framed by the hills of silvery, then Portofino should be in your list of charting destination. The rocky harbors let you soak in the temperate warmth from the comfort of your deck while a trek to the hilltop will leave you spell bounded by the setting sun across the streamlined Mediterranean. Sailing further down will take you to “Cinque Terre” – a majestic assemblage of five coastal villages that are no less in their beauty and grande.

      3. Amalfi Coast:

A day’s sail to the south of Naples will take you to the exotic Amalfi Coast. A feather in your yacht charter Amalfi and Positano are known for their rarity and impeccable beauty. Treat your eyes to the magnificent engineering along the adjacent hill slopes.  The view of colorful terrace houses clinging to its rocky surface will enthrall you.

The Italian yacht charter season runs annually from April to the termination of October. The either side of the shoulder seasons (April – May and September – October) are ideal for charting owing to their temperate climate and soothing ambience. Therefore, opt for your yacht charter in Italy and go for a sail of your lifetime.

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