Lurssen’s latest super yacht Sasha will unveil itself with the name of Areti

A yacht that renamed itself


Undergoing the trials off the German coast is Lurssen’s new 85m yacht – The Areti. Formerly known as Sasha, the Rendsburg facility claims credit for the refitting of this latest super yacht. The famous Winch Design holds credit for its inside out styling and was snapped for the first time through the lens of iconic photographer Andrea Jens.

 Architectural Prospects – 

Due for delivery later this year, Areti will come with “refreshed and exquisite luxuries” in the words of Lurssen’s builders. To ensure compliance, Areti’s aluminum superstructure and the trademark steel hull were built to Lloyd’s Registry Standards.

The latest photos of this super yacht release from the galleries of Andrea Jens reflects her curvaceous hull lined with large cat eye shaped viewpoints that captivate your vision to the purest blues of the ocean. A pair of winding staircases leads down to a large swim platform from the primary deck aft; while cruisers have the privilege of a foredeck tender garage carve
d out below the cutout section in the bow.


Housing intricacies –

In the words of Lurssen’s CEO, “Areti is a voluminous yacht that is completely PYC complaint.”  In simpler terms, it boasts of nine cabins that can accommodate up to 18 guests. This super yacht release in the Cayman Islands will treat its enthusiasts a large master suite looking over eight capacious guest cabins.

Amenities of this latest superyacht will comprise of a hammam, sauna and a Jacuzzi pool. A full depth plunge pool will adorn the lower aft deck. Housed alongside an open beach club, it offers exquisite opportunities for soaking the soft glow of the sun.

Chartering possibilities –

As of now, Lurssen’s Areti will not be available for charters. However, with escalating popularities, the company can consider this decision as a future prospect. Now, only the beginning of 2018 will tell if this latest superyacht stands tall to the test of time.


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