Latest super yacht: Vertige goes for a ride on the Italian waters

An inaugural voyage


50m latest super yacht Vertige completed its debut trial on the Mediterranean waters earlier this week. Scheduled for delivery later this year, this fine vessel has been carved out completely from the Genoa Shipyard in Italy and is a part of the prestigious Tankoa yachts.

Analyzing the first trial –  

Vertige was out on the ocean for a duration of 8 hours. This time frame saw its tests through calm galore as well through lashing waves and choppy waters. Vertige stood tall to this test and maintained comfort and stability even at wind speeds of 30 knots.

At 60% load, this latest super yacht reached speeds of 16.5 knots on calm water conditions. While this figure is its top speed, experts say, Vertige can deliver a cruising range of almost 5,000 nautical miles when kept at an average pace of 12 knots.

As per the GM of Tankoa,” This yacht launch is a symbol of pride and prestige for us. Growing in the hands of iconic yacht designer Francesco Paszkowski, it has been built with utmost precision and care. Vertige will treat its owner to a blend of velocity and luxury.”

External and internal designing –

A glimpse of Vertige is enough to spot its aluminum super structure housing an aluminum hull. Built to Lloyd’s Register classifications, she boasts of teak wooden decks. To assure comfort when at stand-still, it has zero speed stabilizers that neutralizes the rough waves and bumpy waters.latest super yacht

This yacht launch also unveiled an external glass design on its lower deck aft providing a panoramic view to its owner as well other guests on board.

Vertige boasts of a total of 6 cabins that can house a total of 12 guests. Of this, one is an owner’s suite that provides a private Jacuzzi and spa center. A combination of teak wood and ceramics embellishes all interior linings that provides Vertige a royal finish.

Parting Words –

This latest super yacht from Tankoa will soon be available for sale or purchase. An owner will be able to enjoy the luxuries of this vessel as well as its prominence on unknown waters. Chartering details are not available yet; however more specs is likely to come up soon.

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