Latest super yacht from Benetti hits waters for the first time at Livorno

A revolutionary design


April 28, 2017 saw the launch of Benetti’s latest super yacht Seasense at the Livorno (Italy) facility in Italy. Measuring 67 m in length, this vessel complies with all the Lloyd’s registry standards. It is also the first time that Benetti has worked so closely in association with an owner. This ship builder claims it to be their ground breaking project with a completely new design arrangement

Construction and artifacts –

Seasense is an aluminium super structure opting for a single steel hull. The vital statistics of Seasense include a 10.8 m beam that counters a peak draught of 3.2 m. Every inch of external designing  has come out from the hands of iconic yacht designer Cord D Rover.

latest super yacht
As per his words,” This latest yacht from Benetti will create a revolution in the context of yacht designs. It is the first time that a vessel has opted for such impeccable draught figures. Seasense will prove to be a master of the oceans.”

Its owner is an environmentalist and as per his needs, Seasense has been tuned to perfectly blend with the elements of nature. On deck or outdoor areas are made more spacious to allow its crew experience the lashing aquamarine waves even more closely.

Interiors to speak of –

For the first time the interiors of a latest super yacht got designed by the Studio Area in Los Angeles. Interiors of this vessel are a personification of sheer magnificence that comes in wood and steel. While all major flooring works use teak wood, its windows panes, furniture rims and other amenities get a touch of chrome to add to its class.

Benetti’s Seasense boasts of 6 cabins accommodating 12 guests. In addition, a total of 14 crew members can accommodate themselves in this vessel. What needs a special mention is its master suite that houses a open terrace and a private Jacuzzi.

For the charters –

The owner of this latest yacht exclaimed that Seasense will not be available for charters as of now. However, the future has some possibilities in this respect.

Capable of doing 15.5 knots with a range of 5,000 nautical miles, this latest super yacht is sure to stand up to the words of D River as it seems.

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