Latest super yacht concept | HEMI believes in the concept of expansion

A revolutionary concept


In a recent documentation at the Annual Superyacht conference, Laurent Giles, an eminent British Naval Architecture revealed their upcoming latest super yacht concept. Known by the name of HEMI, it will measure 110m in length and is set to redefine the concept of yacht dlatest super yacht esigns. This concept is due for release by the beginning of 2018 and has already enticed a lot of interest from enthusiasts.

Talking a walk through –

This new concept looks to stretch the maximum length of a yacht that is permissible under the LY3 classification. British Naval Architecture claims that this will remove the need of lifeboats or other extra inclusions. With these statistics in hand, HEMI is likely going to be one of the largest vessels to roam the transoceanic waters.

A highly proficient and revolutionary hull design will escalate fuel efficiency.  This vessel as per sources will require less than 5,000 HP of power; reaching its maximum cruising velocity of 20 knots.  This latest super yacht concept will be capable of covering a range of more than 6,500 nautical miles without refueling on trimming down its speed up to 17 knots.

Design perspectives –

This yacht design will include a number of key features. One of them is its maximum draught of 3.8 m receiving compliment from a supporting beam of 12.5 m. The front end of HEMI will bear a sharp nose that is according to experts will improve its ergonomics. This vessel is likely to possess a helipad, a standard Jacuzzi, swimming pool and a couple of private bar areas.

A peek into the interiors will treat you with four double deck cabins and a VIP owners suite; accounts for a total of 14 guests. In house officials of this yacht design claim that HEMI will define aristocracy in a rejuvenated manner.

Notable highlights –

The M.D. of Laurent Giles, David Lewis quotes that;” This concept of an extension started when HEMI’s initial design was around 70-75 m. We wanted to see what was the stretchable limit of this vessel keeping accordance with LY3 standards.”

As of now other details regarding amenities and price of this latest super yacht are not disclosed by the company. A year of patience shall only reveal the magnificence of this aqua beauty.

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