Grace E Graces the Water at Marina Di Ragusa, Confirms Local Chartering Agents


The 73 meters long super motor yacht Grace E has been spotted on the coast of Marina di Ragusa. The winner of the prestigious 2015 Neptune Award, on the platform of World Superyacht Awards, Grace E has emerged among the most desirable luxury yachts in Marina di Ragusa. Locals have been left awed by the magnificence of this super yacht on the coasts of Marina di Ragusa.

Impeccable interior and exterior design

The finesse and perfection of its exterior and interior designs owe an appraisal to Remi Teisser, the celebrated yacht designer. This marvellous ship building saw a surprising collaboration of Perini Navi with Vitruvius Ltd and Phillippe Briand.

At present, local chartering agents in Marina di Ragusa are all competing against each other to own a rental right to one of the world’s most priced ships. However, the final result has not yet declared any single owner. Chartering agents in marina di Ragusa

As a result of advanced technological integration, the cruising motor yacht reaches 7,800 miles at a speed of 12.5 knots.  17.5 knots is the upper limit of its sailing speed. Its dual-fuel diesel engine, Azipod, has effected in dramatic noise reduction and vibration while sailing.

Having a look at its intriguing features

Grace E’s privacy arrangement for its guests deserves special mention. An arrangement of LED lighting along the social areas allows the guests to indirectly communicate with the crew about areas that they wish not be traversed. It can accommodate twelve guests very easily, while also leaving adequate space for twenty crew members.Chartering agents in marina di Ragusa

Chartering agents in Marina di Ragusa are still trying to pursue the owner to have this super yacht on hiring services. However, no agent has yet confirmed any news in that regard. Potential tourists are advised to keep an eye on this space for further updates on Grace E.

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