Follow these boat safety tips to ensure a safe winter cruise

Winter safety to ensure a great experience


Peace of life is not found in a calmer storm, it’s found in a better boat.” These are the words of any boating aficionado. Especially in winters when the wind is chilly, and waters are icy, there is every chance of you sitting against the window pane, your eyelids fixed on the tranquil waters of the lake. But, if you have insured your vessel and your heart calls for some cruising, ensure a few boat safety points before you hit the frosty waters.

 Primary safety specs for boating in winter:

Experts of marine technologies offer the following tips to make winter boating an unforgettable experience.

  1. Be a weather sentinel:

Keeping an eye on thboat safetye winds and an ear on the weather forecasting station can see you out of unsolicited scenarios. Owing to the latest technologies, it is easier than ever to get up-to-date climate news. But if winds are threatening to get stronger than usual; it is better to trust your gut and get ashore as quickly as possible.

  1. Reduce potential risks of Hypothermia:

With subzero temperatures, the chances of a life-threatening hypothermal attack escalate as well. Prior to setting sail, get your torso into good warm layers of clothing which is a crucial boat safety tip. One might consider up-surging his safety by using a “float coat” which includes built-in PFD (Personal Floatation Devices).

Get yourself briefed about the symptoms and precautionary measures in case of a hypothermal attack. Make sure to have a fully stacked up first aid kit and warm beverages including, hot chocolate or doctor’s brandy.

  1. A test run:

It is never fancy to be stuck in the middle of icy cold waters, with raging clouds above your head and a dead boat under your feet. Prior to boating in winter, run a demo check on equipment like fuel lines, battery power, and plumbing.

Make sure that the VHF radio is working and a lot of emergency signal flares are on board. Also, look out for your boat insurance policy and its validity to ensure adequate coverage.

Final words:-

Before setting sail, keep the above boat safety tips in your cognizance. Better be safe than sorry and have a memorable experience with boating through the frosty winters.

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