Follow these boat maintenance tips if you want your vessel to last longer

Ensure a safe ride and have a memory


Basic or customized, big or small, every boat needs maintenance. It helps to retain the primary working conditions of a boat. Fortunately for sailors, small repairs and routine checkups aren’t that tough. A little elbow grease on a period basis serves your trivial amenities of boat maintenance. Mentioned below are some primary steps that should place themselves in your maintenance check list.

 Propeller health – 

The prop of your boat is prone to maximum damage when docking during a low tide or crossing a silted bay. It is of utmost importance to include propeller check in your boat repair activity. It is advisable to use a deep well socket to get rid of any torn out fishing net that might entangle itself with the prop.


What is noteworthy that a damaged prop can degrade your boat’s performance burning extra fuel. Moreover, any dent or impact can produce additional vibrations. This, in turn, puts stress on the seals and bearings causing supplementary damage.

Oil regulations –

Be it a car or a boat, every fuel driven automobile requires anoil change. Any four-stroke outboard, stern drive boat or inboards need to go through this process of boat maintenance. Although the frequency of this change varies on the models, a wise decision will be to alter the oil after every 100 hours of cruising.

Post-trip maintenance –

After you have docked ashore, keep a check of the following points to perform your boat repair in the correct way.

  • Perform an engine flush out not only for salt water voyages but forfresh water cruises as well.
  • Check for debris while flushing out your engine.
  • Ensure that the fuel primer bulb is pliable and intact.
  • Inspect the fuel line for any signs of worn spots or cracks.
  • There should be no leakage in the fuel line seatings.

Technical overview –

Properboat maintenance can escalate your vessel’s life by a great margin. So, give your boat a thorough inspection every time you come back from your maritime adventure.

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