Finland yacht builders, Baltic Yachts have 3 more orders carbon composite hulls for 2017

3 more orders of Baltic Yachts


Here’s a latest update on superyacht news! In a recent announcement, Baltic Yachts has confirmed their order of 3 more carbon composite fiber superyachts for 2017. The leading yacht builder from Northern Finland is presently geared up to launch their world’s biggest carbon composite sloop, Pink Gin VI.


The 3 sailing yachts in their order book will measure around 85ft to 142 ft. As announced by the makers, this is going to be a big project involving the world’s leading naval designers and architects. Industry biggies like Lucio Micheletti, Malcolm McKeon and Mark Whiteley have agreed to associate with the project.

According to Henry Hawkins, CEO, Baltic Yachts, “Baltic Yachts is presently enjoying the fair winds with a healthy order book having diverse entries. We are going to have a busy 2017. A lot of exciting projects are at hand.
Once we are done with our latest yacht launch, our team shall move on to these new projects soon.”

The marine industry has always given importance to composite materials for increasing stability, speed, efficiency and maintenance. And presently, the carbon composites are gaining much popularity for their high ratio of strength to weight.

Additionally, these materials on hulls enhance the performance of the vessels when waters are less favorable for sailing.

About Pink Gin VI: The scheduled latest yacht launch

With a length of 175 feet and 9.55m beam, Pink Gin VI is going to be the largest sloop in the world, manufactured with carbon fiber. Its release is scheduled in the later part of this year. The vessel is powered by a 1400 HP MAN V12 diesel engine and with a minimum draft of 4.50 m.

These yacht builders have joined hands with Design Unlimited for the interiors and Judel/Vrolijk have styled rest of the sections. It can comfortably accommodate up to 7 guests in its well-furnished cabins. There are 4 other cabins for crews and one spacious cabin for the owner.

Surely, the Finland yacht builders, Baltic Yachts with their new entrant in the waters are going to redefine class and luxury.

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