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Keeping up with the pace


Located 27 kilometres off the Western coast of Sicily, Favignana is witnessing a significant rise in the number of tourists in recent years. The nearest accessible airport to Favignana is Trapani, located on the western coast of Sicilian mainland; thus leaving yacht charters in Favignana as the only convenient mode of transport. To keep pace with this rising footfall every summer, the Favignanan Government identified the need of increasing the number of luxury vessels ferrying from Favignana to the neighbouring Egadian or Sicilian ports. Owing to that, agents dealing with Favignana yacht charters have launched significant numbers of new luxury vessels for tourists to hire.Luxury vessels in Favignana

Looking closer at the reasons

A closer analysis revealed a couple of other factors that attract more tourists. Previously only Italian holiday makers made tours to this part of the Meds. Now, with globalization of information and touring agents, this low-key Egadian Island is gaining notable prominence as a favourite touring destination.

Additionally, exclusive services provided by luxury vessels in Favignana stands as another key attraction. The interiors of these lavish yachts boast of fine decors and superior amenities.

Tourists have reported top ratings to the facilities and luxuries they found on board. In spite of raising the number of vessels, the companies have successfully maintained the service quality.

More locals have been employed for crew and maintenance purposes to keep pace with increasing footfalls.

Favignana yacht charters

More tourism, more employment

Favignana is mainly an agrarian economy that draws its primary livelihood from agriculture, wine-making, tuna fishery and tourism. The upsurge in tourism has positively escalated the occupational opportunities of this small port town. More locals are receiving employment in the various areas that come as complementary with the tourism sector; Favignana yacht charters being the primary among them. This has certainly boosted both their quality of services and economic condition.

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