Caribbean yacht charter| Blending French colonies with Dutch architecture

Exploring the extremities


St. Martins and St. Barths form the major portion of the Caribbean Antilles included under the French territory. While St. Barths offers a volcanic coastline, St. Martins looks to exaggerate on its white sandy beaches and awe-inspiring green backdrop. Sailors planning for a yacht charter to this part of the world must get ready to enthrall their senses with a precise amalgamation of Caribbean culture within a French outlook.

The intricacies of St. Martin –

A maritime voyage here begins with the core island of St. Martin. Situated on the leeward side of the Windies, it comprises two countries within its borders. The French segment is called St. Martins while the Dutch territory is known as Sint Marteen.yacht charter

Tourists can look to anchor at the white sandy shores and take a brief stroll of this colorful yet languid coastline. Post darkness this yachting destination comes to existence with its vibrant nightlife and fusion cuisines. One can even take a glimpse of dimly lit duty-free shops dealing in traditional French jewelry and foreign liquor.

Sail to St. Barthelemy –

If one is looking to explore France with azure blue waters and a tranquil breeze then St. Barts is the way to go. Anchor at Gustavia, the capital seaport and a perfect host spot to exploit the historic magnificence of the Swedish Colonial Era.

Notable attractions of the place include Fort Carl, a 17th century a rtifact, while a brief trek on the volcanic iyacht charterslands can seep into consideration as well. When at Gustavia, tourists shall shine their fortunes with fresh servings of crab, complimented by rich Caribbean beer. Hopping around the brick-laden streets adorning houses with thatched roofs can also be a worthwhile experience.

Initiating bookings –

Such a yacht charter is perfect for the winters. Temperatures hover around the 25 degrees mark and offer an environment of light breezes and calm waves (perfect for a maritime voyage). So, experts’ advice making bookings early so as to get hold of the best sailboats or catamarans

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