Yachting destination – Soak up the tranquility of the British Virgin Islands

An astounding archipelago awaits you


Just at the curve where the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea separates itself from the Atlantic Ocean, lies the yachting destination of the British Virgin Islands. Claimed to be a sailor’s paradise, these aquamarine waters form a kaleidoscope of sun-soaked harbours, rich vegetation and white sandy beaches.


A brief acquaintance –

This archipelago of more than 60 islets have already garnered immense popularity as an exquisite destination for catamaran charters. Characterized by their multi hulled design, these vessels are ideal for cruising through the subtle yet rocky waters of the BVI. Line of sight navigation, tranquil-cavernous hops and unswerving trade gales offer a laidback and heart whelming boating experience. A special mention here goes to Tortola, the home and base for all British Virgin Islands yacht charter.

Cruising through Tortola –

If your soul calls for some pristine beauty, then Tortola is your place to be. Set sail on your catamaran to this extravagant yachting destination caught within the breezy corridor of the BVI. Lined by a stretyachting destinationch of islands in North Eastern Caribbean; it will treat your eyes to the marvels of human artifact along the slopes of its indented coastline. Hop off to the nearest bar or garnish your digestive juices with some delicious local cuisine.


Activities –

A couple of days at Tortola will also offer you a chance to trek the lush green rocks through its dense foliage; providing you some astounding views of nature’s implausible creations. An hour’s sail from the port city will take you to “Anegada”. Home to one of the richest corals reefs of this globe; it offers some spell bounding underwater views of more than one sunken ships. It is one of the prime locations of all catamaran yacht charters.

The travellers perspective –yachting destination

December to February serves as the prime time zone for a sail to this beautiful archipelago. Whether you cruise on a “Jeanneau 519” or “Beneteau 55”, this yachting destination will offer you every value for your penny.


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