Fiorentino and EuroCraft to instigate their latest super yacht concept – Expedition

A revolution in technology


Federico Fiorentino in association with Milanese design Studio is laying the base for their latest super yacht. Still a concept by every means, “Expedition” will measure 50m in length and will carry Lloyd standards. The Italian Euro Craft yard will lay witness to this development process and once done, this vessel will go for sale through the hands of Yacht & Villa International.

Designing perspectives –

Expedition will sport a mesmerizing grey-blue hull measuring 48m in length. Chrome accents with touches of black inserts will add to its royalty while teak latest super yachtwood might make it to the floorings of this astounding concept vessel.

What stands out in this yacht design is its sharp and pointed nose. The Milanese design studio opines to increase the ergonomics of this vessel with such a design. With ample open spaces on board, Fiorentino’s super yacht concept will include a seating space placed adjacent to a swimming pool as well.

Interiors capacities –

Being a concept, Expedition will accommodate up to 10 guests in its 5 cabins as of one. In addition, a master cabin for the owner sits on the top deck of this latest super yacht; providing breath taking aqua marine views from its private terrace. This terrace will also have a Jacuzzi and Al-fresco dining area entirely carved out of maple woods.

Notable aspects –latest super yacht

This yacht design will boast of optional Ice compliance and have capabilities of crossing oceans. In other words, “Expedition” will be able to voyage on all waters stretching from the Baltic to the Atlantic and from the Mediterranean to the Canaries.

Designers of this latest super yacht also made claims that it will be the first yacht to have green hybrid propulsion. This will cut down fuel consumption significantly.  Expedition is being designed solely for sale and experts suggest that when complete, it will have an asking price of around $25,000,000.

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