America’s Cup Superyacht Regatta – Day 1 of this event brings pleasant surprises

Setting the mood


12th June marked the beginning of the second America’s Cup Superyacht Regatta on the North coastal turquoise waters of Bermuda. Day one of this yacht event was a pretty straight forward one with none of the 19 crew participants facing any serious challenge. In collaboration with International Realty of Rego Sotheby, it was a maneuvering event around an array of coastal buoys.

The build up

Tactile down winds or up winds were minimal while the yacht event average breeze velocity was hovering between 5 knots and 11 knots since morning. According to expert suggestions, key to victory on day one was dependent on a variety of factors; a study of clouds, seamless crew work, sail selection and trimming emerging to be the most important ones. However, infrequent shifty winds often made their way to the area which often caused moderate cross currents.

Competitive vessels

The J Class Fleet of yachts hit waters in collaboration with the BBDA or Bermuda Business Development Agency. Latest super yacht Hanuman emerged victorious even after gaining a premature start. Some swift movements and compact crew work helped secure victory at the last moment ahead of Ranger.

The largest vessel in this conglomerate – legendary Maltese Falcon (88m) scored a record victory in the Class C segment of racing. While “Visione” caught a big win in Class A; 48 m Hyperion laying designing credits to Harold Cudmore secured the trophy in Class B.

Race courses & vyacht eventisitors

This yacht event focused on meandering courses which were predominantly triangular in shape. It became gradually broader towards the first reach; sailors had to bend it strong on their starboard. This helped sail boats gain prominence over their solo counterparts.

It was a visual treat to witness an assemblage of the latest super yachts on the same waters.  The first day of America’s Super Cup saw the banks crowded to their brim. Such high response forecasts its retort in the successive days as well.

Additional glances

Upcoming days of this yacht event prove to be even more promising as per expert recommendation. It will be the days of mega yachts and a designing cascade.

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