Amels latest super yacht to redeem itself by the name of Lili

A yacht to savor


Belonging to the limited 180 collection of the Amels group, latest super yacht “Lili” saw daylight for the first time earlier this month. It measures 55 meters in length and was originally known as Hull 471. The name Tim Heywood is pretty popular among yacht lovers and this very person is responsible for the exquisite styling of Lili.

A symbol of power –

Such a large vessel needs ample hauling power and Amels thinks precisely so. A couple of MTU diesel engines equipped with 16 V 2000 M70 pistons that generates power values of almost 1,308 HP. Such propelling capacity enables Lili to clock maximum cruising values of 16 knots. However, when tuned to a constant of 13 knots, it shows capability of traversing up to 4,500 nautical miles.

Embellishing interiors –

A total interior volume of 707 GT was available to iconic designer Laura Lessa to exhibit her proficiency. And this yacht launch saw Lili live ulatest super yachtp to those expectations. Lessa highlights her design with a plethora of folding balconies that opens up to the main deck aft.

The bridge deck of this latest super yacht leads to the owner’s suite and a private terrace overhanging the aqua marine waters. Accommodation suffices with six staterooms; a couple of twin cabins below this deck and three similar accommodations adorn the lateral section of this vessel.

Spectacular linings –

Completely built from an aluminum super structure, Amels’ Lili is MCA compliant and meets Lloyd’s Registry standards. A proliferate steel hull holds responsibility of the entire vessel which transits its outer linings along the guest cabins.latest super yacht

This yacht launch also brought to light Amels’s angular design which brackets on to a pointed nose. Such efficient ergonomics escalates aerodynamics and gives this vessel a better thrust.

Final verdict –

This latest super yacht promises a lot to its enthusiasts. However, interested beings will have to wait till the dawn of 2018 when this aqua beauty goes on sale from the Amels’ shipbuilding harbor.

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