Tango Walleycento Considers Yacht Charter to Levanzo as Its Debutant Offshore Destination!

A supercharged naval release


Sources have stated a high probability of the 48 meter Tango Walleycento choosing Levanzo as their debutant offshore destination. Tourism boost and popularity of the Mediterranean scenic view has accounted for this yacht charter to Levanzo.

This sailboat’s probable decision to make the first anchorage at the port of Levanzo expects to raise the tourism revenue by leaps. Often quoted as a “dwarf” island, Levanzo has won the race for its accountability as a top tropical tourism destination.

This sailboat is expected to blend in very well with the picturesque backdrop of the Levanzo coasts. Chartering agents have quoted it as “an enthralling pair- clear blue water of Levanzo and an elegant sailboat on its bed.”

A build to suit comfort and performanceYacht Charter to Levanzo

The design has been suited to meet optimum comfort and high performance as expected by high-society guests opting for chartering yachts in Levanzo.

A first look at the Tango Walleycento reveals an aggressive demeanor, promising a high-performance on the Mediterranean waters. The exclusive sleek design of this luxury yacht is a collaborative brainwork of Wally and Mark Mills of Mills Design. The Italian design consultant Pininfarina boasts to be the interior designer of this luxury sailboat.

Selection of certain specific materials for both its exterior and interior built has reduced the boat’s weight in comparison to other similarly structured ones.

The salon, engine, service room and guest accommodation comprise the front section. Builders strategized this to let the total weight concentrate of the vessel’s center of gravity. The builders claim that this kind of strategy makes it a stalwart for both chartering and racing purpose.

Anticipation of arrivalYacht Charter to Levanzo

Nothing has yet been confirmed by owners regarding the date of Tango Walleycento raising its sail on the Meds. However, going by word of mouth of this much awaited yacht charter to Levanzo, both locals and potential tourists have high hopes to get a view of this majestic vessel on Levanzo’s shores by November 2017.


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