80m latest super yacht from Palumbo Group is all set to hit waters

A pyramid design


Earlier this week, Palumbo Group of Italy gave revelations a bout its upcoming latest super yacht Columbus Classic. Measuring 80m in length, it is one of a kind vessel with 5 decks that is due for completion in 2018. The parallel action of Naples and Ancona facilities of Palumbo Group are behind its exterior and interior designs which are sure to reduce build time by 8 months.

Designing build up

Eminent naval architect Hydro Tec lays credit for external designing of this aluminulatest super yachtm hull and steel superstructure. He describes this yacht design having inspiration from the ages of Renaissance. It blends design elements from the 60’s with modern techs and is looking to create a vessel of utmost grandeur.

The frontal portion of this yacht boasts of a sharp and sleek design for better aerodynamics and fuel efficiency. It resembles a semi-pyramidal structure with an indented gradual sloping of the decks. A helipad adorns the anterior of this vessel as well escalating its stature even further.

Interior decors

Every interior designing aspect of this latest superyacht comes from the hands of eminent designer Francesco Guida. in addition to that, Every piece of designing is taking shape keepinlatest super yachtg in mind all possible amenities that the yacht must boast off.

The major attraction in this respect is its private sundeck. It offers an exquisite opportunity for people to enjoy some dolphin siting or even whale watching. This receives precise complementation from a 7 meter swimming pool that is supposed to be the USP of this yacht. It will have ambient lighting that will set your mood post sunset.

This yacht design will be ready to accommodate 12 guests inside 8 cabins. They will have access to their private gym and a lounge area to say the least.


This latest super yacht will not be available for charter as of now. It is exclusively meant for its owner and is sure to set a benchmark in the world of yachting.

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