Yacht on sale – 66 m Okto can be yours for just $58,000,000

A yacht to savor


Since the commencement of construction in 2014, Okto was masked from any glimpse to its enthusiasts. However, June of 2017 will likely see this super yacht on sale for the very first time. Measuring 66 m in length it is built complying with every North European standards and specifications.

Overview –

External designing credit of this latest super yacht goes to iconic shipbuilder B.M.T. Nigel Gee from the United Kingdom. Before its unveiling, this vessel has gone through a horde of testing which include zero stability performance, sea keeping and aerodynamic smoke tests.

Marin facilities in Netherlands played host to its construction process where British designers laid special emphasis on controlling unnecessary vibration, noise levels and safety measures for its owner and guests.

External glimpses – yacht on sale

As a yacht on sale, Okto’s exteriors clearly embellish its affinity for speed and precision. A sharp nose that suffices for excellent ergonomics also aids in comfortable maneuverability of the vessel (Okto has gone through numerous tests here as well).

A special mention here goes to its large panoramic glass pane that runs through the entire breadth of the vehicle. Measuring a couple of floors in height, it provides extensive views of the topology around.

Interior tunings –

All interior designing are results of some fine work from Alberto Pinto. yacht on saleEvery piece of flowing of this latest super yacht holds maple wooding as its standard flooring. Extensive use of glasses and crystals give the interiors a feel of royalty and majesty.

Okto can accommodate a total of 17 people including 11 guests. 6 cabins house its occupants while a master suit opens up to a private terrace equipped with a Jacuzzi and a swimming pool.

For the buyers –

This yacht on sale will receive a price tag of around $58,000,000. Although no plans of charter are available, enthusiasts may get to hear of that possibility very soon. Nigel Gee ensures that Okto will leave up to fulfilling the dreams of a perfect voyage.

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