5 must have boating accessories to have on board before you set sail

Ensuring your safety


Boating on your nearby lake or juvenile waters is always fun with the soft currents ruffling your hair and cool breezes glistening against your skin. However, among such enticements, one often forgets about necessary equipment and accessories that a sailor must have on board. Therefore, to guide and notify you about the same, this section deals with some of the crucial boating accessories.

  1. Compass –

It is perhaps the most important equipment when setting sboating accessoriesail on a maritime voyage. While nowadays sailors may incline more towards their GPS, yet, technology may fail. In such crunch situations, only a reliable compass will rake a sailor back to his home safely.

  1. GPS
    plotters – 

Gone are the days when boating using a computer was considered a luxury. Currently, even the smallest of boats have GPS plotters built on them. These help in mapping the topographical image of the area. These plotters find their use as vital boating equipment, especially for cruises that transverse continental waters during a voyage.

  1. Life jackets –boating accessories

Be it small boats or humungous yachts, life jackets are a must for every vessel. When everything else fails, these jackets save lives in case of any unprecedented calamity. However, one should take care while choosing PFDs (Personal Floating Devices) to ensure a proper size and fit every occupant onboard.

  1. First Aid Kit –

One should cover all areas of security before setting sail. A first aid  kit tops any list of boating accessories. Whether an accident takes place on your boat or a boat around you, timely medication can save lives in cases of emergency.

  1. Spare motor –

While boating through shallow waters, often your boat’s motor and propeller can fall victim to dense underwater foliage. This can lead to damage and even permanent failure of the motor. Necessary boating equipment, in such cases is therefore, a spare onboard motor. It will see you home in such cases of catastrophe.

Final words –

Therefore, it is advisable to one and all to ensure all boating accessories are on board before you set sail. Prevention is better than disaster; so gear up your vessel and set sail for an exquisite ride over your favorite waters.

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