4 major boat maintenance mistakes you are probably doing

Take care of your boat


It’s always fun and exciting to get in the waters on your boat. But to enjoy boating correctly and safely, you must take the right measures to maintain it. Every year, thousands of boat accidents occur, which can easily be escaped by avoiding the few major boat maintenance mistakes. Most people aren’t aware of these, but there are certain things you should do with your boat so that it carries you on the waters safely for years.

Here is a list of 4 boat maintenance mistakes to avoid:

1.    Ignoring the fuel system

boat maintenance mistakes
Fuel system on a boat is one of the major aspects which unfortunately people ignore most of the times. It demands routine check for leakages, rust accumulation, etc. Microbes like algae, fungi, and others can likely enter your fuel system while in the waters and cause severe damage. Hence, don’t forget to clean it.

2.    Neglecting any type of corrosion

This is the next major mistake people do – overlooking the rudder fittings and shafts. Corrosion can be an excellent reason to damage your exclusive boat if you ignore to give these a routine check. It’s the saltwater that causes rusts in your boat. So, lubricate the zippers, bearings, fittings, etc. correctly.

3.    Ignoring proper cleaning of the boat

It is evident that you wash and even wax your boat with the best products. But often what boat owners ignore are detritus and dirt. Keeping these unclean might cause grit and grime with foul smell on the bilge pump, which would, worse, result in a boat sinking. Hence, ensure to keep both the bilge and the deck clear of any sort of junk. This is how to maintain boats.

4.    Using paper towels

boat maintenance mistakes
Paper towels are great for different other uses but certainly not for cleaning your boat. If you use these to wipe, paper towels might create scratches, especially if it has a plastic surface. In that case, it’s best to use a microfiber cloth which you can later reuse after wash.

So, avoid these boat maintenance mistakes and ensure durability of your small vessel.

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