2017 Wellness Music Festival witnessed exquisite yachts overflowing the Aegadian shores

An Event to Savor


The second week of July 2017 saw the being held on the secluded beaches of Marettimo. Extending over a period of 10 days, this extraordinary event initiated on 10th of July and culminated on the 20th. A horde of world-renowned musicians made their way to this “Isole Egadi” along with the finest fleet of boats and yachts that the Island has ever seen.  This period even saw a record number of Aegadian Islands boat rental bookings, creating a visual worth complementing.

Aegadian Islands boat rental

Walking through the festival

These ten days brought about a conglomerate of multiple events. While enchanting and healing music gained subtle popularity, refreshing activities like hiking and boat excursions also grabbed the guests’ attention. Alessia Bagni lays credit behind this event’s awe inspiring success and she thanks every participant and celebrity to take the event to its present grandeur.

The event was unique to citizens of Marettimo considering its residential count and number of tourists visiting year long. Stats claimed that residents on this Aegadian Island saw 250% more humans than they have seen in the last couple of years.

Boats and celebrities

Ranging from catamarans to sailboats, the Marettimo docks and beaches were a treat to the naked eye. While classic yachts stole the show comprehensively, their ultra-modern counterparts were not much behind. It also gave a serious boost to yacht charter in Aegadian

Islands as hordes of people moved in and out of the island during these days.

Talking of celebrities, the following eminent faces took the center stage at Marettimo.

  • Sudha – Currently a glory name in the world of enchanted signing.
  • Christiano Tiozzo casted his spell through inner healing music sessions.
  • Susana Rodriguez gave an Aguahara experience.
  • Kevin James delivered his all-popular love songs.
  • Bettina Pfaff, an eminent yoga trainer.

This Wellness Music Festival turned out to be a huge success courtesy its celebrity presence and a fleet of some exquisite vessels. Tourists claimed it to be their best ever Aegadian Islands boat rental; while Alessia Bagni gave her parting thoughts by thanking the Marettimo municipality and Marettimo Church for letting them successfully organize an event of such a volume.

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